FRAIL at Gamma-Congress in Munich


On the 6th and 7th of March 2020, the Chair of Human Movement Science participated in the third congress of GAMMA (Society of the analysis of human motor skills and their clinical application) with this year’s leading theme “Movement Analysis: Clinic – Everyday Life – Sports”.

The motor skills play an important role in everyday life as well as in sports. They contribute significantly to the quality of life and participation in society.

The GAMMA congress is dedicated to the topics of movement and motor skills. However, the congress provides different perspectives, such as clinical movement analysis, prosthetics, and orthotics. Therefore, interdisciplinary exchange between science and practice took place during the GAMMA Congress.

The program of the congress aimed to spark discussions of current topics and new research areas. The participants were from represented sport’ scientists, physiotherapists, doctors, orthopedic technicians, engineers, computer scientists and anyone interested in theory and practice of motor skills. Moreover, participants had a wonderful opportunity to enter into new partnerships.

The Frail project was represented by members of the Technical University of Munich, who had a poster presentation. The presentation was well received and aroused great interest among the participants with inspiring discussion.

poster at gamma congress

TUM at GAMMA congress

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