FRAIL Pilot Evaluation (Part 1)

Woman using smartwatch

The FRAIL Pilot study took place in France and Germany, between April and November 2019. Elderly adults living in a senior residence, nursing homes, retirement homes, and private homes agreed to wear a smartwatch with a prototype version of the LOLA App for three weeks.

In total, 132 individuals took part in the study. Participants filled out questionnaires before and after the observation period and completed a fall diary in case of a fall during the period.

In France, Pilots have been conducted by MADoPA in private homes, senior residence, and retirement homes all across the country. The following table is summarizing pilot testing in France, in terms of time, place of testing, and the number of participants.

Pilot in France

In Germany, Pilots have been conducted by TUM in assisted living apartments, medical centers, nursing homes, or private settings in Munich. The following table presents the time, place, and the number of participants in pilot testing in Germany.

Pilot in Germany

The HUAWEI Smartwatch G4 was used to collect data. This specific version of the HUAWEI watch was chosen due to the nano SIM-card input, which makes the watch suitable as a standalone device. Moreover, the reliability of integrated sensors was our priority. Measured channels were: acceleration sensors, heart rate sensors, and barometer.

The LOLA app, including the embedded fall detection algorithm, was installed on each watch. Besides the automatic fall detection, participants could trigger the alarm manually by tapping on the screen of the smartwatch.

Participants’ characteristics

Distribution of participants based on the sex, was as follows:


According to the Fried Frailty criteria, pilot participants were:

frail diagnosis

Among the 132 participants, 55 were men and 77 women. Other than their sex and frailty status, participants’ age, height, weight, etc. were collected. All data are summarized in the following table.

demographic data

This article is part of a series, covering FRAIL pilot evaluation. In future articles, we’ll include frailty assessment, fall detection, and show a few case studies.



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