On Futur.e.s Festival

Futur en Seine Festival

On the 13th and 14th of June, the FRAIL Project participated in the 2019 Edition of Futur.es Festival, the most significant European innovation and digital festival. The Futur.e.s festival is organized, by one of the business development partners in the FRAIL project, Cap Digital, the largest cluster in Europe dedicated to digital transformation and ecological transition.

Every year, Futur.e.s Festival celebrates the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovation from all around the world. Participating projects and solutions are targeted to 6 key markets – digital health and well-being, industries and services, culture and education, and sustainable city and mobility.

Futur.e.s Festival 2019

Through a round of conferences, new collaborative formats, and unusual artistic experiments the festival offers a unique experience. The festival’s mission is to engage and inspire both, its exhibitors as well as its visitors.

Futur.e.s Festival
Futur en Seine Festival

During this edition, Futur.e.s Festival focused on sustainable cities, and the development of user-friendly innovations to promote access to services and infrastructures using digital technologies.

The festival highlighted all forms of innovations dedicated to better serve the users in their daily needs and preoccupations.

Futur en Seine Festival

The FRAIL Project at Futur.e.s

The FRAIL project was part of the demos in the “Healthcare and well-being” category. The project was considered one of the most promising in its group.

The FRAIL smart-watch app fits perfectly among the latest innovations in the predictive and personalized medicine market. The app’s main goal is to detect the early onset of frailty and minimize its negative consequences. The app will monitor three key aspects: fall risk, physical activity indicators, and activities of daily living. The app’s target users are frail and pre-frail elderly.

Keeping seniors active and healthy is beneficial not only for them but also for their caregivers, healthcare system, and tax-payers.

At the festival, the FRAIL Project consortium, supported by the EIT Health France Communication team, presented its innovative smartwatch app as well as the first impressions from an ongoing pilot testing.

We met other participants and investors in the healthcare sector and had a chance to gain insight into the industry.

Participating in Futur.e.s Festival 2019 Edition was an excellent opportunity for the FRAIL Project. One of the biggest benefits was a chance to present the FRAIL app to potential users and get their opinions, suggestions, and expectations.


Here is the FRAIL Project flyer we distributed at the Futur.e.s. Festival. The Flyer is summarizing the project’s motivation, goals, and plans.

Flyer, page 1
Flyer, page 2

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