FRAIL at Gamma-Congress in Munich

On the 6th and 7th of March 2020, the Chair of Human Movement Science participated in the third congress of GAMMA (Society of the analysis of human motor skills and their clinical application) with this year's leading theme “Movement Analysis: Clinic – Everyday Life – Sports”. The motor skills play an important role in everyday life as well as in sports. They contribute significantly to the quality of life and participation in society. The GAMMA congress is dedicated to the topics of movement and motor skills. However, the congress provides different perspectives, such as clinical movement analysis, prosthetics, and orthotics.…

Activities of Daily Living Assessment

Usually, the assessment of frailty is often observational and self-reported. As subjective measures are prone to bias, an objective frailty screening is needed. In particular, lower physical function represents a key point in frailty assessment and is generally recorded by the use of questionnaires. But using questionnaires may result in imprecise data, as people may have difficulties to recognize low-intensity activities of daily living (ADLs). In contrast, wearable sensors are an objective way to distinguish between different activity levels and may detect important frailty related changes in physical activity patterns. In addition, wearable sensors are portable and cost-effective, enabling frailty…
student exchange program

Student Exchange Program Recap

The student exchange program as a part of the FRAIL project was organized between three partners of the project – Qolware, TUM, and imec. Five students decided to participate in the program, and they spent two weeks in Munich, in Qolware and TUM, and traveled to Brussels to visit imec. Week 1 – Product Design, Market Research, and Business Strategy On their first day, students arrived at Qolware, where they learned about this startup company and their Lola app. During this first week, they did market research, learned about frailty and Fried scale, and worked on product design. The students…
FRAIL pilot

FRAIL Pilot Testing in France

Back in May, we published an article summarizing the basics of the FRAIL pilot testing of the Lola App for fall detection. If you would like to join our pilot testing you can find more information in that article. So far, most of the participants in the pilot are from France and were recruited with the help of the project partner MADoPA. Representatives of MADoPA presented the FRAIL project and its goals all over France. They talked to seniors at conferences, such as Senior Forum, and also in senior and retirement homes. Today we would like to share the details…