Futur en Seine Festival

On Futur.e.s Festival

On the 13th and 14th of June, the FRAIL Project participated in the 2019 Edition of Futur.es Festival, the most significant European innovation and digital festival. The Futur.e.s festival is organized, by one of the business development partners in the FRAIL project, Cap Digital, the largest cluster in Europe dedicated to digital transformation and ecological transition. Every year, Futur.e.s Festival celebrates the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovation from all around the world. Participating projects and solutions are targeted to 6 key markets - digital health and well-being, industries and services, culture and education, and sustainable city and mobility. Futur.e.s Festival…
Senior Couple Walking

Frailty Prevention & Management

Frailty is a biologic and physiologic process and even though the likelihood of becoming frail grows with age, frailty is not a normal part of the aging. Being frail introduces many risks to the aging process. Frailty is often synonymous with the overall weakness and often leads to disability and frequent hospitalizations. But, frailty is a dynamic process influenced also by lifestyle choices. Frailty and Disability Researchers who studied disability found that it is a dynamic process. In a 53-month long study, community-dwelling individuals have transitioned between states of disability. In the study, the disability was defined as a need…

Salon des Seniors and Forum 65+

In April, MADoPA (one of the partners in the project), introduced the FRAIL Project to several thousands of potential users at two events organized in France. Salon des Seniors Representatives of MADoPA first attended the Salon des Seniors, a yearly event focusing on active seniors, and covering all aspects of retirement life. The 21st edition of this interactive exhibition was organized over four days at the beginning of April in Porte de Versailles in Paris. MADoPA, promoting the FRAIL Project, was one of the 200 exhibitors, all of which were experts on topics such as active aging, health & prevention…

Join Our Pilot Testing

The FRAIL Project reached its pilot phase. In the pilot testing, we ask participating seniors to wear a smartwatch with the Lola app installed to register falls. Each participant would wear the watch for three weeks, day and night. Our partners Madopa in Paris and the Department of Human Movement Science from the Technical University of Munich, search for geriatric clinics, nursing homes and different elderly collectives interested in participation. They also promote the project in several health-related events designed for our target population. We are looking for participants who are older than 65, had a fall, and/or are showing…