Join Our Pilot Testing


The FRAIL Project reached its pilot phase. In the pilot testing, we ask participating seniors to wear a smartwatch with the Lola app installed to register falls. Each participant would wear the watch for three weeks, day and night.

Our partners Madopa in Paris and the Department of Human Movement Science from the Technical University of Munich, search for geriatric clinics, nursing homes and different elderly collectives interested in participation. They also promote the project in several health-related events designed for our target population.

We are looking for participants who are older than 65, had a fall, and/or are showing signs of prefrailty or frailty, based on the Frail Index criteria developed by Fried et al. in 2001.

Would you like to participate in our pilot testing? If you are in Munich or Paris region, please, send us an email to:

frailproject (at) gmail (dot) com

Once involved in the pilot, the participants are interviewed at the beginning and the end of the experiment. During the experiment, they wear provided smartwatch, day and night, for three weeks. Wearing the smartwatch implies no risk for participants.

The FRAIL project pilot phase started in April and will continue until the end of October. Afterward, the analysis phase begins. The results of the pilot will help us improve the fall detection algorithm included in the Lola app, and thus influence the fall detection and prevention among the frail population in the future.

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