Established as a non-profit organization, Cap Digital is the biggest cluster for digital transformation in Europe. We are trusted by over 1000 valued members: 845 innovative SMEs, 59 major corporations, 82 institutions of higher education and 13 capital investors. Cap Digital aims at promoting the Paris Region as one of the world leaders in digital contents, creative industries, and services, from an industrial as well as a strategic point of view. Fostering R&D, helping companies to expand, networking our members and showcasing them throughout the world, are some of the activities we undertake to support the creativity and competitiveness of this important sector.

Role in the Frail Project

Together with MADoPA, Cap Digital will support technical development with their business activities. Cap Digital will mainly focus on highlighting the potential of the application and its added value to intended customers and helping to disseminate the project activities.

Cap Digital will also assist in the development of the business plan and provides links to startups in similar fields in their tech cluster.

Other project partners: TUM, Qolware, MADoPA, imec