Qolware GmbH is a healthcare data analytics company specializing in digital health solutions. Qolware brings health assistance to the next level by providing applications that detect, monitor and predict health-related changes and emergencies using sensor data recorded with wearable and IoT connected devices. Qolware develops its smart software for a wide range of verticals in the healthcare sector comprising: seniors, chronic patients, health facilities, insurances, and pharma.

Role in the Frail Project

A new tool for the assessment of frailty will be built as a new feature of Qolware’s smartwatch application LOLA. Qolware will collaborate with other partners on the development of this feature. Qolware will also co-coordinate the validation study of the  LOLA app with the elderly population. Qolware will also use the findings and data from this multicenter pilot study to train LOLA’s algorithms to detect and prevent fall events more accurately.

Other project partners: TUM, MADoPA, Cap Digital, imec