FRAIL Pilot Testing in France

FRAIL pilot

Back in May, we published an article summarizing the basics of the FRAIL pilot testing of the Lola App for fall detection. If you would like to join our pilot testing you can find more information in that article.

So far, most of the participants in the pilot are from France and were recruited with the help of the project partner MADoPA.

Representatives of MADoPA presented the FRAIL project and its goals all over France. They talked to seniors at conferences, such as Senior Forum, and also in senior and retirement homes.

Today we would like to share the details of the pilot testing in numbers.

Pilot Testing in Numbers

Since April, 70 participants joined the FRAIL pilots all across France. Some of them live independently, some in retirement or senior home.

TimePlaceNumber of
April – May 2019Senior home Arpavie
Vincennes (94)
April – May 2019Homes (Senior Forum)
Paris (75)
June 2019Homes (Tasda / Tecadom / UIAD / MR38)
Grenoble / Voiron (38)
July 2019Senior home Clésence
Guise (02)
July 2019Retirement home ORPEA
Péronne (80)
August – November 2019Homes (MAIA / ORRPA/CLIC)
Reims (51)
September – November 2019Senior homes (ARFo)
Reims (51)

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