Salon des Seniors and Forum 65+


In April, MADoPA (one of the partners in the project), introduced the FRAIL Project to several thousands of potential users at two events organized in France.

Salon des Seniors

Representatives of MADoPA first attended the Salon des Seniors, a yearly event focusing on active seniors, and covering all aspects of retirement life. The 21st edition of this interactive exhibition was organized over four days at the beginning of April in Porte de Versailles in Paris. MADoPA, promoting the FRAIL Project, was one of the 200 exhibitors, all of which were experts on topics such as active aging, health & prevention solutions, new technologies, independent living, finance, culture, etc.

The FRAIL Project was also one of the startups selected for the “Concept Crash” sessions of SilverLab, where projects were presented to seniors who expressed their likes and dislikes of the presented ideas.

The FRAIL Project was well received, and the participating seniors found it useful and clearly presented. We also got an insight into positive and negative aspects of our solution identified by the potential users. Their remarks will help us finetune the app to suit the needs and expectations of our target market better.

Forum 65+

The second event attended by MADoPA was Forum 65+, organized by the City of Reims at the end of April. Forum 65+ is an event aiming to encourage seniors to take good care of themselves (physically, mentally, and socially) and helps them find resources and instruments to do so. This year, more than 1400 elderly over 65 years visited the forum.

Thanks to these two events, MADoPA recruited 40 participants for the pilot testing of the FRAIL Project app in France. 

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